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Dear students, parents and legal guardians!

We would like to welcome you to the homepage of the Parents’ Association of the HTL-Lastenstraße!

Our children’s education is one of our most important concerns. Thus, an excellent cooperation between parents and teachers is one of the main aims of our future-oriented school.

Our area of activities is diverse and encompass the support of …

  • students
  • projects and investments in the school
  • school-related events
  • and much more

Financial support:

  • depending to a net annual income, up to 70% of the costs can be subsidised

By ‘net annual income’, net family income is meant. The amount of support also depends on the number of children living in the household. There could be less than 25%, 50% or 70% of subsidies. Subsidies will be granted after a decision which is made by the board, as long as there are sufficient funds. There is no legal right for subsidies.

Requests for subsidies can be made in writing (or mail to chairwoman):


Please put your request form and your income statement in an envelope and drop it into the parents’ association letterbox at the school.


Requests are also possible via email:

Chairman: Karl PAULITSCH
Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Contact – Board of the Parents‘ Association

Annual meeting

Chairman   Vice Chairman
Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  DI Wolfgang KUCHLING
Secretary   Vice Secretary
Astrid PANGER   Malaika MURNIG
Treasurer   Vice Treasurer
 ZVR: 644865708    


HTL1 Klagenfurt


Our school places great importance on our close cooperation and partnership with highly acclaimed businesses of our country. In order to meet the requirements and demands of the economy, our school emphasises a close contact with companies in the form of school partnerships.

Overview of the advantages for school partners

  • opportunity to use advertising space for posters, stands, folders etc. to an appropriate extent
  • opportunity to have a stand on the Open Day or in the course of the annual Companies’ Day
  • permission to give a technical lecture together with a short presentation of the company
  • company’s logo on the homepage of the HTL1 Klagenfurt
  • job advertisements on the homepage of the HTL1 Klagenfurt
  • collaboration, in the form of diploma theses, technical projects, and the providing of trainees if possible
  • member’s area: graduates of the HTL 1 Klagenfurt – contacts
  • much more

Schoolpartners of the HTL1 Klagenfurt

www.beham.com                        www.beko.at                        www.bifrangi.at


www.bmturbosystems.com                      www.efinio.com                      www.eurotaxpro.at


www.efg-turbinenbau.at                            www.emstar.at                           Experis - ManpowerGroup


www.flowserve.com                     www.hatec.co.at                       www.chemson.com


www.escad-group.com                            www.infineon.com/austria                           www.denzel.at


www.kelag.at                           www.lamresearch.com                  www.visionaer.info


www.metallbau-selinger.com                       www.mahle.at          www.wild.at


www.MAGNA.com                          www.messfeld.com                            www.manpower.at


Robooptic Systems GmbH                   www.oeamtc.at                        MWS - Forming your Success


www.payr.co.at                  KOSTWEIN Maschinenbau                Philips


www.sicherheitssysteme.cc                           www.springer.eu                   www.urbas.at


LAPP GROUP Österreich                           KRESTA industries                      www.igus.at


EVO: Entwicklung vom Konzept zum Detail                       WASTIAN - Technisches Büro                 www.pankl.com

www.sigmatek-automation.com              www.serienreif.com          NiLAB - Neue innovative Linearantriebe


beta-automatisierung.com                  HIRSCH Servo


www.heyn.at               www.jku.at             www.strein.at


TECCON Konstruktionen GmbH           GLOCK Perfection            www.lindner.com


www.haslinger.co.at          Filli Stahl              ROSCOM - Arbeit & Personal


www.bridge.co.at           Lely - innovators in agriculture             www.integral.at


www.hispanosuiza.at            www.zh-tech.at               www.kiotosolar.com


www.fourtec.at             www.sauritschnig.at               www.esch-technik.at


www.ortner-group.at         www.cms-electronics.com         www.ssi-schaefer.com


kraus-austria.com          www.victronenergy.com


www.smc.eu       www.vtu.com       www.ressenig.at


Autohof Handels und Service GmbH              ÖBB INFRA                Stadtwerke Klagenfurt AG


Assmont Steel Experience Worldwide              www.copadata.com                 www.peicher-on.at


KWF – Kärntner Wirtschaftsförderungs Fonds                      www.mo-office.at/                 www.zebau.com




www.absolventen.at                 jobs4technology.at


How can I become a schoolpartner?

Contact: AV DI Helmut KAMPL
Phone: +43 463 316 05 - 16
Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

HTL1 Klagenfurt, Lastenstraße 1
9020 Klagenfurt
Phone: +43 463 316 05
Fax: +43 463 316 05 - 23
Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


2018 Company’s Day at the HTL1 – A great success!

Unique, future-oriented, innovative. On the Company’s Day of 2018 the HTL1 Lastenstraße confirmed its great reputation as a higher technical college with a particularly practical orientation and a promising future aiming to remain up-to-date in every respect.

Offering new and innovative projects corresponding to the latest developments in the world of technology, the HTL1 enables a successful entry into professional life, especially by preparing the students well for the current and future requirements of the world of technology and economy. The annual Company’s Day, managed and organised by the head of the department of mechanical engineering, Helmut Kampl, and Michael Steiner, demonstrates how necessary and useful for our future highly-qualified technicians it is to do internships and projects for the diploma thesis with the various nationally and internationally successful companies having a cooperation with the HTL1.

This intensive cooperation between the HTL1 and the economy, a great Win-Win-Cooperation, has considerable synergetic effects and involves significant synergetic potential to be used in the future, as both the head of the department of education Robert Klinglmaier and the headmaster of the HTL1 Michael Archer acknowledged on the Company’s Day.


Company’s Day

Company’s Day

Company’s Day

Company’s Day

Company’s Day