Target group: Students of the 3. and 4. class of grammar school/new middle school/secondary school
Meeting point: 07:50 am  (in front of the head office W107)
Registration: +43 699 13160530 (name your appointment) as well as in writing via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Duration: until 04:40 pm (or shortened to 11:25 am)

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The HTL1 makes a big step towards renewable energies and energy efficiency!

Photovoltaics means competence in environmental energy and energy engineering at the HTL1 Lastenstraße.

Our photovoltaic system, which has been recently installed, has a total power of 100 kWp. It has been mounted above the flat-roof of the workshop wing with East-West alignment. The photovoltaic system will cover the energy consumption of the school (predicted energy consumption quota is approximately 96%) – an important contribution to environmental protection. With the sustainable use of solar energy the school is making an active contribution to the energy revolution as well as promoting a more conscious use of energy. With this expansion, the HTL 1 now has the biggest PV system in Carinthia as a school and is a leader in environmental technology. Selected impressions and data (specific entries) can be found here: >>PV-SYSTEM

Video about the education offered by our three departments: