Applying to the HTL1 Klagenfurt


HTL1 Klagenfurt, Lastenstraße 1

9020 Klagenfurt am Wörthersee
T: +43 463 316 05
F: +43 463 316 05 23
M: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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For more detailed information go to the FAQ section at the bottom of the page.


Applying to the HTL 1 Lastenstraße


  • from January until March


  • at the Day of the Open House
  • in the head office
  • via the homepage

What do I have to bring along?

  • original copy of your eighth year semester report card (“Schulnachricht”)
  • proof of registration
  • birth certificate
  • a copy of your seventh year report card (“Jahreszeugnis”)

When do I know that I got accepted?

  • at the end of March latest


Application procedure

  • If the HTL1 Lastenstraße is your desired school, you have to apply to our school first! The original copy of your semester report card (“Semesterzeugnis”) gets a stamp by us and only those who are registered are considered for admission.
  • If there is a stamp on your semester report card (“Semesterzeugnis”) by another school, we are not allowed to consider your application.
  • The application period starts with the open house day and ends in March.
  • During the break the head office is opened from 8:00 am-12:00 pm, on school days the head office is opened as followed:
    • Monday until Thursday: 8.00 am – 3.30 pm
    • Friday: 8.00 am -1:30 pm
  • The application form can be received at the Open House in the room designated for application, in the head office or, it can be downloaded from our homepage (see above).
  • Please bring the following for your application:
    • the original copy of your eighth year semester report card (“Semesterzeugnis”)
    • a copy of your seventh year annual report card (“Jahreszeugnis”)
    • a copy of your certificate of residency
    • a copy of your proof of registratiton
  • For your admission at our school a school internal ranking is decisive. Admission is determined by your average marks of German, English, Maths and Physics on your eighth year semester report card depending on the type of school (AHS and NMS).
  • You will be notified by the end of March at latest.
  • If you are passing all of the subjects on your eighth year annual report card (Latin and the second foreign language are not taken into account), we are happy to welcome you as a student at the HTL1 Lastenstraße in the fall.
  • We are happy to offer you any further information at any time.


HTL1 Klagenfurt


Come and get an inside look into the school!

Target group: Students of the 3. and 4. class of grammar school/new middle school/secondary school
Registration: application form, +43 699 13160530 (name your appointment) as well as in writing via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

When do I have to apply to the school?

The application period for the current school year ends in March.

Which documents are necessary for application?

You need a filled-out registration form (you can get it in the head office or you can download it from the homepage), a copy of your seventh year report card, the original copy of the eighth year semester report card, a copy of your birth certificate and a copy of your proof of registration.

Where do I get the forms for the application?

You can download the application form or pick it up at the head office at the school.

What are the admission criteria?

Your marks in Maths, German, English and Physics on your eighth year semester report card are key. The ranking of every candidate is determined according to a point system. It is also important to have passed all of your subjects on your eighth grade year-end report card to be admitted.

Is there an entrance exam?

No, there is no entrance exam. The admission criteria can be found at “What are the admission criteria?”.

Where can I apply or where can I hand in my application form?

You can hand it in at the head office in the HTL1 Lastenstraße. The semester report card must be the original document. Therefore, it is beneficial if you apply personally.

When will I be notified if I am accepted to the school?

You will get a response by the end of March at the latest. Your admission can only be confirmed if you pass all your eight-year subjects.

When do I have to hand in the eighth year end report card?

You have to hand in the year-end report card (original or copy) at the head office during the first week of the summer break (you can also send it via email).

Am I allowed to apply to any other school at the same time?

No, you are only allowed to apply to one school by law. In order to prevent a second application to another school a stamp will be stamped on your original copy of the semester report card by the first school you have applied at.

I was denied from another school. What now?

After the official admission phase there is the possibility of late admission, but only if there are free places.

How important are the marks of the semester report card? What happens if I am not passing a class?

The marks in the semester report card are decisive for admission (see also “What are the admission criteria?”). Having a failing grade in your semester report card does not mean that you are not accepted at all, but it has a negative impact on the points awarded to your application.

What if I have a failing grade on my eighth grade year-end report card?

Then a test is necessary which can also be done at the HTL1 Lastenstraße.

What happens if I am not accepted?

You can try at other school which may have free places after the admission process. For information please contact the Landesschulrat für Kärnten.

Do I have to tell my AHS that I will go to the HTL1 Lastenstraße next year?

No, you do not have to tell the AHS you are attending, that you will attend the HTL Lastenstraße next year. In case that you are not accepted at the HTL1 Lastenstraße, you can continue attending the fifth class of the AHS.

At the moment I am attending an AHS. What options do I have if I am not accepted to the HTL1?

You can continue attending the AHS – this is always possible because you are a student of this school.

At the moment I am attending an NMS. What options do I have if I am not accepted to the HTL1?

After the official admission period, you can ask other schools if there are still free places.

Is it possible to transition to the HTL 1 after the fourth grade of the AHS?

Yes, of course. You have – as mentioned above – to apply with your semester report card.


Is the HTL1 Lastenstraße the right school for me?

Is the HTL1 also suitable for girls?

Of course! Most important is an interest in science and technology – but this applies for boys and girls!

I am attending an NMS. Is my education sufficient to attend the HTL?

Both school types AHS and NMS provide a good preparatory education for the HTL. What you have learned there personally and what you have taken with you is more important.

Does it take longer to finish the HTL than the AHS?

Yes, the HTL lasts one year longer but you will get a well-grounded vocational-training which is a good basis for the later working life. The practical training at the HTL 1 Lastenstraße differs from other schools which are mainly theoretical.

How can I find the right training programme for me?

Have a look at the description of the departments of the HTL1 Lastenstraße as well as the job profiles. Compare them with your interests. Once a year there is an Open House in January where you can have an inside look into our school and departments. You can also visit the school for a look around twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday).

Is it possible to switch the training programme part-way through my studies?

Within a department it is possible to switch the training programme as long as you are in the first years of study. A switch between departments, for example from mechatronics to mechanical engineering, is only possible in the first year. For further information please contact the heads of department.

Which career opportunities do I have after I have graduated from the HTL Lastenstraße?

Graduates of the HTL1 Lastenstraße have very good career prospects in Austria and abroad because of their excellent education.


HTL1 Klagenfurt