Purpose of this code of conduct

Our school is open-minded, democratic, and a clean school, with a nice atmosphere. Daily social interactions are based on respect before one another.

Students should develop their ability to learn and their capability, as well as their personality.

The aim is to offer lessons of high-quality and without disturbances.

Successful working and learning can only be achieved if a framework is given. Most important for this is a stress-free and quiet learning atmosphere, which is supported with this code of conduct.

By attending our school, every student is obligated to follow the rules of the code of conduct.


Guidelines for a good co-existence


  • respectful interaction: honesty
  • no interruptions during lessons: no MP3 player, no video games, …
  • solidarity: take responsibility, ability to work in a team, character building, conflict avoidance …
  • cleanliness: class room, hall, toilets, labs, workshops and school ground


  • punctuality: no unauthorised absence
  • meet deadlines: homework, presentations, workshop and lab reports, payments for books, excursions, etc.
  • maintenance: cleaning of blackboards at the beginning of a lesson, reporting damage, monitoring cleanliness in the class room, …

Willingness to perform

  • I want ...
    • to attend this school
    • to study for my education
    • to do my tasks indepentently
    • to help my colleagues
    • to achieve my goals


HTL1 Klagenfurt